Rice in a popsicle?

Although for some people, the thought of green beans and glutinous rice does not go hand in hand with dessert, in Asia it is a common combination. So for this pop we mixed green beans, glutinous rice and coconut milk for a delicious result. The texture is chewy and sweet with green beans everywhere. A delight for your senses.

The process of cooking the green beans down is time consuming but well worth the results!!ImageImageImage


Banana custard delight

Certain tastes and smells always bring you back to your childhood. This is one of those flavors. This is something my grandfather always used to make as a treat. He would stir the custard for, what seemed like forever, and then he would throw in some sliced bananas. This pop represents that. Creamy custard with mashed bananas. The texture is like fudge and the taste is delicious. (if we do say so ourselves)