We’ve moved to a permanent home.

Thank you to all our fans for supporting us in the last year since we started making popsicles in Hong Kong. We have now moved to a permanent home at lolasicepops.com. Please come check us out and return often for information on our latest activities.

If you are interested in contacting us, please feel free to leave us a note on lolasicepops.com or email us a info@lolasicepops.com.

Vickie, Julie and Sandra
for Lola’s Ice Pops


Rice in a popsicle?

Although for some people, the thought of green beans and glutinous rice does not go hand in hand with dessert, in Asia it is a common combination. So for this pop we mixed green beans, glutinous rice and coconut milk for a delicious result. The texture is chewy and sweet with green beans everywhere. A delight for your senses.

The process of cooking the green beans down is time consuming but well worth the results!!ImageImageImage

A Trio for the Kiddos

Since we are first and foremost moms, we always like to try to create something that is fun and healthy for our kids to snack on. (Between the 3 of us we have 4 kids under the age of 3) This in itself is not an easy task. So this trio is a sure delight for them as well as us. This trio consists of Blueberry Yogurt, Strawberry Banana and Papaya Pineapple. All were made with agave and of course strained of all “bits” for a delicious, kid friendly texture. Enjoy !!Image

Banana custard delight

Certain tastes and smells always bring you back to your childhood. This is one of those flavors. This is something my grandfather always used to make as a treat. He would stir the custard for, what seemed like forever, and then he would throw in some sliced bananas. This pop represents that. Creamy custard with mashed bananas. The texture is like fudge and the taste is delicious. (if we do say so ourselves)

Fresh, Ripe Strawberries for the tasting….with Balsamic vinegar!!

After cruising around the market the other day, I discovered some beautiful, super ripe strawberries. I couldn’t resist grabbing a bunch and taking them home. Instantly, I thought of a recipe that I’ve been dying to make. So I made some Strawberry & Balsamic vinegar pops. They were tart and sweet with just the right combination of both. I have had the original, Italian style dessert before and loved it so I was pleasantly surprised that it translated very well to a pop! It’s a must for the next BBQ event. ImageImageImage

Salted Caramel Apples

Sorry we haven’t posted anything new in the last few weeks. Lola’s is working on something big. Hopefully we can tell you all about it very very soon.

In the interim, how about some country style caramel apples? We made the caramel the old-fashioned dry-burn kind of way. This flavor is inspired by the folks at People’s Pops in NY. Thanks guys, we are so inspired by your story. We can’t wait to share our journey with you one day.